Apple Silicon M1 Power Consumption Deep Dive Part 1: Safari vs Chrome

Apple M1 is an amazingly efficient piece of silicon. How much power do you think it consumes while streaming from YouTube or Netflix? Read on to find out.

April 2, 2021 · 8 min · Kay Singh

Philips Brilliance 4K UHD 27" Monitor Review

Hello internet friend! If you’ve landed here from an internet search hoping to find more info on this Philips monitor, then let me keep it short and save you some time.

February 26, 2021 · 3 min · Kay Singh

Apple Silicon M1 supports "billion of colors" aka HDR 10-bit output

When most people hear Apple in a sentence, their next thought is likely the color. Does Apple Silicon M1 output “billion colors”?

January 24, 2021 · 7 min · Kay Singh

How to get 4K 60 FPS working on an external monitor with Macbooks

Getting 4K 60 Hz output on a Macbook is more challenging than it needs to be. Here’s what to watch out for.

December 15, 2020 · 4 min · Kay Singh

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Upcoming ARM Chip That's Faster Than Apple Silicon M1

The release of Apple M1 Silicon has laid to rest many questions about whether ARM CPUs can go toe-to-toe with the best of the bunch from Intel and AMD. Can others replicate this?

December 9, 2020 · 11 min · Kay Singh

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Apple Silicon M1: Black. Magic. Fuckery.

These are the words used by the user holdagold on reddit to describe their experience with the new Apple Silicon M1 Macbook Air. Rarely does a product leave people effusing to the extent Apple Silicon M1 has done this week.

November 24, 2020 · 27 min · Kay Singh