January is usually a big month for tech because the Consumer Electronics Shows kicks off every year in Las Vegas. This year was no different as various manufacturers brought their latest products to showcase.

Samsung and LG 2020 TVs to support AV1 decoding

We have been waiting all of 2019 to see consumer devices that can decode AV1 and CES did not disappoint! Both Samsung and LG announced their upcoming 2020 TVs will be capable of full hardware decode of 8K AV1 videos from sources such as YouTube. Read more about the announcements below.

SVT-AV1 0.8.1 Released

With Palette support for 10-bit and detailed documentation to help developers implement SVT-AV1 workflows. This seems like it was mainly a housekeeping release which is always good. Sometimes you need to step back and make sure you’re paying the tech debt! For full SVT-AV1 0.8.1 release notes visit this link below.

Rav1e January Releases

Rav1e had a busy month with an official 0.2.1 + 2 weekly pre-releases. The included changes include smaller binaries, speed improvement on speed 10 mode among other smaller changes. See the full list of changes below.

Previous ecosystem updates

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